Friday, May 22, 2015

Quilted Wristlet Pouch from Phenomenal Women Shop

This tall zippered wristlet pouch is quilted, with strip patchwork, and lots of machine embroidery stitching that gives this bag its unique, quilted style. The three outer fabrics of gray, pale lavender, and cream prints that comprise this lovely case are from the same coordinating colorway, and is fully lined with a flowered tan fabric. 

The strap attached to the zipper pull with a handy split keyring, and is the same fabric and color used in the bag. 

The bag is a Phenomenal Women Shop original design*. 

The shape of the case has a fresh, chic look, that is taller than wide, with rounded bottom corners, and curved corners at the top towards the zipper for a secure side-to-side closing. This wristlet has a flat side profile. A keyring is attached to the zipper pull, which, is attached to the bag.

This larger-sized zipped case measures approximately:
* 5.5 in wide (14.0 cm)
* 6.25 in tall (15.8 cm)

-->This wristlet comes with a free charm, not shown on bag, but are shown in the last photo.
♥ ♥ ♥ Choose your own FREE zipper pull charm for your case with MANY styles to choose from! Select the charm you would like from the picture showing all of the available charms. You must leave a message to me at checkout as to which numbered charm you'd like. If you are purchasing more than one item with a charm, simply specify what charm goes with what bag. Your case will ship with the charm you've selected attached to your case. If you do not specify a charm number, the Tree of Life charm (as shown in pictures above) will come attached to your case when shipped.

* 100% designer cotton, outside and lining fabrics.
* YKK zipper with FREE Tree of Life zipper pull (lead free!).
* Zips closed tightly and securely from end to end with no gaps. NOTE: when zipped all the way to the end, there are no openings for things to fall out!
* Phenomenal Women Shop tag placed inconspicuously inside of the bag.

Care: I recommend spot cleaning if needed.

In stock and ready for delivery. This makes a very nice gift for any number of occasions at such a reasonable price!

* PROUDLY HANDMADE IN THE USA IN MY SMOKE FREE STUDIO! This picture was taken next to my sewing machine that created the item I am listing.

* This is a Phenomenal Women Shop original design. © All rights reserved.

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  1. Cute wrist bag. Great for the summer when you don't want to carry a big bag. Sharing!!!